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First Aid from the Hive - Ideal for Dry Skin


At Apicare we have always strived to use the best NATURAL ingredients we can source in all the therapeutic products that you love and which really work . We are in the process of removing all artificial fragrance from our First Aid from the Hive range which will now be scented with a gentle mix of essential oils. Essential oils smell wonderful and of course are good for healing so work wonderfully in the First Aid from the Hive range.

If you are looking for a cream with a more fruity ,flowery fragrance then try one of our other Apicare ranges- they work really well too!

The skin on our hands can age more rapidly than other parts of the body, as the skin on the backs of our hands has very few sebaceous glands, and almost totally lacks any natural fatty coating. Add to this regular exposure to detergents and weather extremes and it becomes apparent that our hands need top quality skin care.

Our First Aid from the Hive range contains two intensive hand crèmes specially formulated for hands: Repair Me Calendula & Manuka Honey Handcrème for dry and damaged skin (available in 130g and 70g tubes) and Very Hardworkers Handcrème for extremely damaged skin: a very rich crème designed to help cracked and very damaged skin.

a true story... There is a little story about our lip balm and we would like to share it with you. Chas (the beekeeper) and our son used to belong to the Bethells Surf Lifesaving Club. Bethells is a beach on the West Coast of Auckland. The west coast has large surf and black sand, which in the summer gets very hot under the sun. Chas had problems with his lips, they were continually dry and often cracked. When I looked at the ingredients in the lip balms he had been using I noticed that they were all using petroleum bases. The ingredients in these lip balms just did not provide enough protection. We formulated a lip balm packed with natural ingredients and tested the formula. It passed all the tests and the dry, cracked lips disappeared forever.

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